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Things aren’t right.

It’s not that simple, but that might be the best way to say it.

Something has changed in the way that everyone in the house lives their lives.

When did it change?

Was there something that was the catalyst?

Something is not okay.

Who is this child?

There’s a kid living in your house right now. That kid is moody, or angry or sad. That kid is too happy, or aloof, or out of control.

Or maybe all these things.

You recognize that sweet kid you raised, but only a little bit. What happened? What went wrong? Or is this normal? Is this just what it means to be a kid today?

Thoughts are coming up like, “We just need to survive this time, to get through it in one piece.” The goal is for you to all come out of this still liking and loving each other.

How to talk to kids and teens…

You’re here because you care – and you’re worried.

You’re here because you may not know where else to be.

But you’re also here because you think you might need help. Let’s talk.

Kids and teenagers need to feel heard and understood. Together, we can create those changes so that kids can process all those confusing thoughts, make sense of them, and thrive in their lives.

Let’s start today

Hi, I’m Meghan.

Since starting work as a therapist, I always knew I wanted to work with kids, teens and families.

This is such a challenging time in anyone’s life, and we need all the help we can get navigating these important days. The thing that stands out the most to me when working with kids and teens is how lost and alone they feel even amongst their friends and peers at school.

I am confident I can help ease the lives of kids and teens – and then families – as they grow and learn while moving toward adulthood.

More About Me

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even a minute longer?

Call or text me. I would be privileged to work through the kinks in your family to learn ‘what’s not right.’ You can also fill out the contact form below. Let’s give you the support you need now.

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