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So much is uncertain right now.

It’s not that simple, but that might be the best way to say it.

Things have changed in the way we live our lives and interact with each other.

It’s more important than ever to develop coping skills and have an appropriate outlet to process experiences. We all need a space to “empty out” our heads, sort through the jumble of thoughts, and make sense of it all.

We tend to view our troubling thoughts as embarrassing and scary, and talking through them makes them much more manageable.

“I feel out of control.”

During the very first session, we will use the strengths you or your child already have to help feel more in control.

I’ll help you sort through those feelings, and together we will build resilience factors and coping skills in order to start feeling more confident.

Starting on day one, I’ll be with you to support and help guide you on your way.

You’re here because you care – and you’re worried.

You’re here because you may not know where else to be.

But you’re also here because you think you might need help.

If you’re looking for a safe place to unload all the things life throws your way, and hopeful for genuine and real communication about what’s going on, let’s talk.
No need to wait even one more day – let’s make things better by talking now.

Let’s start today

Hi, I’m Meghan.

I’ve been a professional counselor for over 10 years, but my passion for helping others is rooted in both personal and professional experiences unpacking the why and how our feelings manifest.

This is such a challenging time in anyone’s life, and we need all the help we can get navigating these important days. The thing that stands out the most to me when working with clients is how misunderstood we can feel even amongst our families, friends and peers.

Therapy is exactly what you make it. I’m committed to working with you to identify your goals and helping you reach them in a way that is tailored to your experience.

More About Me

So, let’s talk now. Why wait
even a minute longer?

Call or text me. I would be privileged to work through the kinks in your family to learn ‘what’s not right.’ You can also fill out the contact form below. Let’s give you the support you need now.

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