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Family Therapy in Gainesville

The good, the bad, and the ugly…

When you think about your family, what pops into your head first?

Do you think about all the things you like to do together, what you did over the weekend, or your most recent vacation?

Do you think about the arguments you got into, or how you wish you would have done something different, or listened a little more?

Family therapy is for all these thoughts to come out, in a real way, where you can talk to all members of your family and learn together.

A family is comprised of individuals first.

I’ve found that, for most kids, the issues that prevent them from living their best life, and from getting along well with the people that love and care most about them, are not individual issues.
These things affect everyone in your family.

In family therapy, together we will learn new ways to listen to each other – how to compromise in ways that don’t compromise your parenting. We want to focus on enhancing the things that the family is already doing well.

There are a lot of things going well! It’s so easy to focus on the things that are difficult and challenging.

Guiding the entire family…

In family therapy, we’ll be able to learn how to give attention to the things we want to happen and support each other in a long-lasting way. I’ll help act as a guide for not only your child, but for you as parents. I’ll help you be the thermostat for your kids’ emotions.

We can do this together!

Why wait even one more day?

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