Family Therapy

Family dinner?

When you think about your family, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? All the things you’ve done together. The trips you’ve taken. The last time you played a game together.

Are you thinking about the last time you ate dinner together? Maybe it’s how proud you are of the growth you’ve made together.

While you were thinking of your family and how much you care about your kids, did you also start to think about how much fighting there’s been?

The nights have gotten quite loud. No one seems to be getting much sleep since you’re all kind of on edge.

Do you think about how much better you want things to be? You’re hopeful things can get better, but you’re just not sure where to turn…

How I can help your family

This is where I come in, and how I can help. First, we’ll talk about the things that make your family wonderful and great. We’ll compile all those strengths, all of those happy stories, and laughs you’ve had together.

We’ll make a roadmap to get back there.

We’ll look at what changed, where things started to get off track, and we’ll build that bridge to get back to a better time within your family.

Family therapy can be hard work, but I promise you it’s worth it. We’ll work together to learn new ways to listen to each other, to truly hear what all individuals in your family have to say, and we’ll work to put all those puzzle pieces together so that picture is visible again.

Your family is worth this. Call me at (352) 541-0421, and let’s talk.