Individual Therapy

Who can I talk with?

It’s often difficult to talk about your scary, concerning or deeply personal thoughts with the people closest to you.

You worry about what people you love will think about you and worry that the love they feel for you will change when they find out the struggles you’re dealing with.

But keeping things inside doesn’t really help. Those worries, or thoughts, or concerns often get bigger and get more difficult to manage without help.

I have the perfect place.

Individual therapy is the perfect place to process these thoughts and feelings. Therapy sometimes seems overwhelming and strange. Talking to a stranger about things that are so personal and mostly the things you’re unhappy with in your life.

But sometimes, people just need a place to decompress and vent. They need an opportunity to dump out all the confusing and frustrating parts of their day or week, sort through it to make sense of the chaos and stress, leave behind the stuff they don’t need, and then move on with the things that they need – and do it all over again.

Unbiased feedback…

Individual therapy provides the opportunity to get unbiased, non-judgmental feedback from someone you don’t have to see every day!

Even kids and teens need the opportunity to have a safe person to talk with. That’s not to say that parents aren’t a safe place, but kids and teens can place an enormous amount of pressure on themselves and just don’t know how to say these things in fear of the response.

Individual therapy gives kids and teens a safe place to process and learn how to express these thoughts to the people that love them. You.

Now is a good time…

Let’s do this together; let’s talk.