When things are going well…

Some kids move through their adolescent years as if it’s the easiest thing – they’re happy, smiling, doing well in school and in their peer relationships. They’re succeeding at the things that are important to them. When things don’t go their way, they bounce back, seemingly unscathed.

When things are NOT going well…

Other kids struggle constantly, and any change or new experience is like a ticking time bomb. Everything is a question mark – how are they going to react to this? Is this going to end in a huge fight? Are we all losing sleep tonight? Adolescence for these kids changes everything – their personality, their life, and the atmosphere in your house.

What do parents do?

Many parents find themselves heartbroken over what went wrong. You question your parenting, the decisions you made, and those you didn’t. The things you said yes to, and the things you wish you had said no to.

You’re not alone, and you don’t have to navigate this time on your own. Reaching out for help is a sign of compassion and the recognition of you as the parent that you can no longer do this alone.

Let’s tackle the frustrating emotions of your teenager.

When I work with your child, I’ll help them navigate through the challenges they face, whether it’s at school, at home with you, or on social media. Moodiness and sadness are normal parts of adolescence, but I’ll help them figure out what to do with all those complex and frustrating emotions and how to make sense of them.

Please reach out to me by phone at (352) 541-0421, email, or complete the contact form – let’s work to help your teenager move to positivity.