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Life Seems Hectic…

It’s hard being a kid today.

Therapy for Children, Teens and Families in Gainesville

Pressure from all sides…

Social media makes everything public knowledge, and it’s hard to keep things private. Kids feel enormous pressure to do well and be the absolute best, most perfect version of themselves.

Kids don’t necessarily know how to get ‘better’ at everything they are expected to do. This pressure builds and builds until they can’t take it anymore. It spills out over the edges of life and seeps into the parts that should be calm and tame – and safe.

Who feels the brunt of these frustrations?

Where do kids take out these frustrations and anxieties and worries? On the people that love them best. They start turning into something that you might describe as angry or miserable. You hardly recognize your own child.

Or these pressure-filled kids start isolating themselves, sleeping more. They aren’t talking to you at all. You’re not sure who they’re talking to. But you’re worried, and you’re scared. You want things to be easier for them, and for your family.

Things can get better…

This is where I come in. I’ll talk to you and your child to help them figure out what’s going on, to make sense of all those confusing thoughts swirling around. I’ll help you help yourself and your child build a toolbox full of skills to deal with all those emotions that spill over. We will work together to become more confident in how you deal with each difficult day.

The outbursts will get smaller and shorter, and easier to deal with. Days will be filled with more happiness and laughter, and less tears. You’ll all be able to breathe easier.

Don’t wait for a bigger crisis!

Help your child and help yourself right now. Call me at (352) 541-0421, text me or send me an email using the contact form. Let’s start making things easier and better today.

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